Jon Urbana is as Talented as He is Charitable

Former notably accomplished lacrosse player and founder of Next Level Lacrosse Jon Urbana is known for so many of his charitable acts. Next Level Lacrosse is a youth lacrosse camp in Colorado for boys, which strives to perfect each player’s skills and playing style.

As a native resident of Denver, Jon Urbana has grown up with an appreciation for nature. Among his other charitable ventures is his GoFundMe project, which pledges to give all donations to Earth Force Inc. Urbana encourages environmental awareness at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and is pleased to see the passion his campers put into keeping the environment clean.

Urbana is much more than a generous former athlete, though. He is also a talented, artistic individual with a flare for music-making and photography.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

His SoundCloud profile has recently seen a rise in followers. On his About Me page are samples of his work. Many of his tracks are either custom remixes of electronic tunes, or heartfelt soft rock. His beautiful voice accompanies his folk-style guitar melodies nicely, and he has also shown some potential in generating catchy electronic music as well. Some more recent samples of his electronic remixes can be found on Jon Urbana’s Twitter stream.

Along with these music samples are works of his photography as well. As a lifelong resident of Colorado, Jon admires and appreciates the beauty of his surroundings. A lot of Urbana’s photos capture nature at its finest: a full moon in the night sky, the trees and lakes of Colorado, and many pictures of different flowers and their most beautiful and defined. A deep, talented recording artist and photographer are just two more items that can be added to Jon Urbana’s resume.