Stephen Murray: How To Select A Good Investment Advisor

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a profitable investment opportunity? Wondering how to find reliable investment or financial advice? Perhaps you have heard a lot of great things about CCMP Capital and are considering getting in touch with the company.

There are many companies and professionals offering all sorts of financial services, including investment advice and guidance. One of the popular areas of investing is private equity investment and fortunes have been made in this field by companies and individuals who received the proper guidance.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is the right choice for any ambitious investor or entrepreneur who is looking for reliable investment advice. The company employs some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Their money management professionals and investment advisers are well experienced in various aspects of financial and investing services. They are highly dedicated to rendering the best quality services to their clients.

If you are serious about receiving investment advice from a reputable private equity investment company, then consider CCMP Capital. Many people are raving about the top quality services CCMP Capital provides and you will certainly be pleased with their financial and investment guidance and advice.

There are many different strategies associated with private equity investments. One of the most common strategies you will come across as you proceed with your investment research, is called leveraged buyouts. For explanation of this strategy you need to contact Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

Leveraged buyouts occur when a private equity fund or firm acquires another company’s assets by purchasing a most of the company’s voting stock. In some cases, the purchasing firm in a leveraged buyout may use the target company’s assets as collateral to obtain a loan.

Private equity attracts the best and brightest entrepreneurs, including top performers from large corporations and companies and elite management consulting companies. Top performers at law and accounting firms can also be recruiting platform, as legal and accounting skills are required to complete a deal.

You will learn a great deal and achieve tremendous success if you allow CCMP Capital to be your investment firm. You will benefit from years of experience of their professionals and reach your goal without hassles.

Stephen Murray was highly regarded in the investment field. As an experienced and knowledgeable professional, Stephen helped many people reach their investment goal and attain the level of financial success they desired. He specialized in private equity investment, and had great expertise in leveraged buyout. Stephen Murray was the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. He was highly successful and was respected in the investment industry. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

Dogs Love Beneful

Beneful by Purinastore is a popular brand of dog food. It is greatly trusted by customers and loved by their pets. Both the wet and dry types are delicious and healthful.

The wet dog food comes in twenty healthful varieties. Product lines include Chopped Blends, Medley and Prepared Meals. Chopped Blends is packaged in a 10 ounce resealable tub containing finely chopped, real ingredients. Medley has meat and veggies in a generous sauce. Prepared Meals is preserved in a resealable tub filled with veggies, wholesome grains and big, meaty chunks. Some ingredients in each line include: beef, chicken, salmon, tomatoes, carrots and rice.

There are eight dry varieties to choose from. Just some product lines are Beneful Originals, Incredibites and Healthy Weight. Originals are rich in antioxidants which aid in a hearty immune system. Incredibites are sized especially for smaller dogs and are made up of chewy morsels and crunchy bites. Healthy Weight insures pets gain 100% nutrients, is appetizing and helps maintain physique as calorie intake is controlled. A few ingredients are: apples, green beans, carrots, egg, beef,chicken and salmon. Beneful also produces dog treats.

Additionally, Beneful participates in many different projects. For example, in the Dream Day Park Project over 30 volunteers helped plant trees in San Diego. Besides this, they pick a Dog of the Week and produce many entertaining advertisements. One in particular is called the Dog Goldberg Machine which has been attempted by many others and is complex and hilarious.

Purina Beneful makes a tremedous effort to produce a clean, high quality brand dog food with real ingredients. It is positively recommended by consumers and a beneficially savory meal for their pets.



Andy Wirth Finds Relief from the Olympic Valley incorporation

The Squaw Valley Resort has had a rough couple of years from experiencing a drought to the political incorporation. Andy Wirth, who is the CEO of the Squaw Valley Resort has endured the issues and tried to resolve them the best that he can. Thanks to Mother Nature, and early winter storm has swept through the country and provided much needed moisture for the area. This has allowed skier’s to enjoy the ski resort at an earlier date, which has helped the Squaw Valley Resort get an early start for the season. Wirth has thankfully also experienced some relief from the political incorporation that was trying to increase taxes on the residents and the community in the surrounding areas. There has unfortunately been some statements and events that have happened that Wirth is hoping they can move past. His goal is to look forward to the future and work together to better the community and the surrounding areas.

Wirth has been in the historic parks and resort industry for over twenty five years and has a lot of experience in the industry. He was actually born in Germany and decided to attend Colorado State University. He graduated from Colorado State University and moved to Steamboat, Colorado, where he served as the executive marketing manager for the Steamboat Resort. He worked there for a number of years before he decided to take over the Squaw Valley Resort, which is a ski resort located in the Olympic Valley that is known or it’s scenic, beautiful 360 views. In 2010 he became the CEO of the Squaw Valley Resort and continues to work on the experience and beauty of the winter activities resort. His latest project involves the structure of a gondola, which will connect the two sister resorts together. This gondola will make it more convenient for the fellow skier’s to connect from one ski resort to the other. They will soon be able to freely, and easily enjoy each resort by utilizing the new gondola, which the building process is set to take place soon.

Wirth also spends much of his time involved in environmental groups and works on resolving environmental and community issues. He takes part in many groups that help make the environment a better place to live for everybody. He also works with the youth on different environmental issues. By teaching them to respect the environment at a young age, he feels they will grow up knowing the facts.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

Jon Urbana is as Talented as He is Charitable

Former notably accomplished lacrosse player and founder of Next Level Lacrosse Jon Urbana is known for so many of his charitable acts. Next Level Lacrosse is a youth lacrosse camp in Colorado for boys, which strives to perfect each player’s skills and playing style.

As a native resident of Denver, Jon Urbana has grown up with an appreciation for nature. Among his other charitable ventures is his GoFundMe project, which pledges to give all donations to Earth Force Inc. Urbana encourages environmental awareness at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and is pleased to see the passion his campers put into keeping the environment clean.

Urbana is much more than a generous former athlete, though. He is also a talented, artistic individual with a flare for music-making and photography.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

His SoundCloud profile has recently seen a rise in followers. On his About Me page are samples of his work. Many of his tracks are either custom remixes of electronic tunes, or heartfelt soft rock. His beautiful voice accompanies his folk-style guitar melodies nicely, and he has also shown some potential in generating catchy electronic music as well. Some more recent samples of his electronic remixes can be found on Jon Urbana’s Twitter stream.

Along with these music samples are works of his photography as well. As a lifelong resident of Colorado, Jon admires and appreciates the beauty of his surroundings. A lot of Urbana’s photos capture nature at its finest: a full moon in the night sky, the trees and lakes of Colorado, and many pictures of different flowers and their most beautiful and defined. A deep, talented recording artist and photographer are just two more items that can be added to Jon Urbana’s resume.

Gold is the Best Insurance Against Uncertain Times


A January 23, 2016, podcast interview of Philip N. Diehl, Present of U.S. Money Reserve by Enterprise Radio host Eric Dye delivered a valid case for owning gold coins. A brief overview of Mr. Diehl’s background is enough to realize when it comes to being an expert about silver, gold, and platinum US coins he is the real deal.

Chief of Staff of the U.S. Department of Treasury; Staff Director of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee; Nominated by President Bill Clinton to be Director of the United States Mint. Mr. Diehl’s experience working with senior officials in the Executive Branch and on Capitol Hill developed his understanding of fiscal and monetary policy which is the foundation of his current work in the precious metals industry.

Now the director at U.S. Money Reserves, Philip Diehl is proud that he has brought this style of leadership and accomplishment to this position. What he is most proud of is the U.S. Money Reserves stands behind its return policy and customer service which he says is, “Better than the U.S. Mint.” U.S. Money Reserves only sells U.S. Government issued silver, gold and platinum legal tender bullion coins, backed by the full power of the federal government. Other forms of precious metals aren’t always what they seem. Unscrupulous dealers may try to pass off counterfeits that are almost impossible to catch.

What goes up, must come down. The dollar has increased in values in the 18-24 months, which is unsustainable. When the dollar weakens, the demand for gold increases.
George Soros is warning of an impending financial market crises. Philip Deihl agrees that that the economic downturn in China, India, and Brazil create international uncertainty, Gold has been and will continue to be the best insurance against uncertain times.

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Brazilian Businessman and Financial Consultant Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a very successful stock market trader and businessman. Igor Cornelsen, now retired, spends a vast majority of his time on the golf courses in the beautiful cozy weather of South Florida. Even though Igor is retired, he still spends some of his time doing the things that he knows best, such as investing in the stock market. Currently, Igor Cornelsen works alongside the South American Bainbridge Group to do some investing, as well as foreign exchange investment. He also works part time as a consultant for investing and also the banking industry. Igor is an expert at what he does and he has had an extremely successful career, but he certainly was not given any of his achievements.

Igor Cornelsen according to was raised by very hard working and dedicated parents. Having little education, his parents had to lead by example by working extremely hard and encouraging Igor to further his education. Igor attended school and majored in business. Soon after, Igor became one of the most influential businessmen and investors in Brazil. He would go on to lead many of the largest banks in Brazil and become directly involved in managing a huge chunk of Brazil’s gross economy.

Igor Cornelsen offers up his take on the basics of Brazilian banking. He knows that the Brazilian banks tend to only lend money to borrowers that have a great credit score. It is very cost effective and provides them with a security blanket for the future. Borrowers with bad credit have to borrow from the public sector instead of the private sector, which hurts the economy.

Igor is aware of the fact that Brazil possesses an abundance of natural resources and that people are wanting to start new businesses in the community, which in turn can really boost the economy. He offers three important tips when it comes to investing in Brazil. He recommends to mingle with the natives, as many of them are entrepreneurs themselves and are usually open to discuss details about investing. Second, he warns potential investors to be aware of several regulations Brazil has, such as high taxes and a restrictive labor market. Igor also advises to learn about foreign currency restrictions that Brazil has. Make sure to locate a bank that is allowed to deal in foreign exchange to be able to posses local currency.

Igor Cornelsen has made a great career in investing the right way, in turn gaining tremendous wealth. He has used his experience to help advise people on succeeding in the business of investing and his words of advice have directly affected the economy in a positive manner.