The Mail Order Bride, Xenia Vorotova

Doe Deere, aka Xenia Vorotova, a mail order bride who came to the US in 1999 after her husband, Mark, asked for her hand in marriage. Once Doe was here she began going to college for fashion and a hobby of having a rock band, Sky Salt. This band consisted of her, her husband, and a couple of other musicians.

It would appear that Doe, was very talented as she was a model too before turning to and attending fashion college for awhile. Her white skin tone, colorful hair, nice figure allowed for her to do things most women only dream about. During modeling and school, a lot of the education Doe received helped her start marketing and sell the extremely bright colored cosmetics, called Lime Crime, a glitter, especially to the teenage girls.

In 2008, she sold a lot of cosmetics from eye-shadow and a variety of other products. Doe sold a product called Pop/Romance Lipstick and began selling those items on Ebay, along with the clothing line company Doe created. She would sell vintage clothing to people all over the nation and countries. Along the way, she started her own fashion tips, make-up and style tutorial blog on the internet. Her blog, Doe Deere Blogazine, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and other major social media sites she used have some information yet on her, her company and products. Doe enjoys being on the internet as it allows for her to escape reality and be the person she wants to.

Doe doesn’t have a lot of friends, which include her husband Mark, her mom, sister and gay men. She seemed curious about them, but at the same time she found gay men to be very strong and know what they want in life. People didn’t seem to understand Doe and why she did some of the things she did, so instead of helping her, they turned and walked away. Doe liked attention and for that many people saw her as someone evil, even though I believe she had a good person inside tying to figure out how to overcome the past and now live in triumph.

Since she has been living in New York, Doe still married to Mark, working at her own company in an office she bought to help pay the bills. It’s possible, Xenia took a wrong road at one point in life, but everybody is allowed to get a second chance and hopefully, the world will let Doe.

North Korea is An Area Full of Human Trafficking and Something Must Be Done

Human trafficking is one of the most popular forms of organized crime. Underlying the category of human trafficking is the subcategory that many are so familiar with, sex trafficking. This type of trafficking consists of rape, abuse, kidnapping, and prostitution. While nearly every country in the globe counts it as an illegal activity, the corruption and greed behind it makes it an easy way to quickly proliferate. National and international organizations can try to standardize and implement anti-trafficking legislature, local governments and police services could, in fact, be contributing to sex trafficking rings.

Sex trafficking is very profitable, particularly in areas where occasions for schooling and real employment may be restricted. The highest numbers of traffickers are located in Asia, followed by Europe. Crime clusters that focus on trafficking women and girls are often involved in the transcontinental trafficking of drugs and firearms. They will often use violence to ensure their activities are carried out without issue.

One dominant factor in the spread of trafficking is the essential belief that the lives of women and girls are disposable. In civilizations where women and girls are devalued, women are at larger risk for being mistreated, trafficked, and forced into sex bondage. If women have better monetary and public statuses, trafficking would be eliminated. The ending for most of these women is a life of torture or death. There are few that get out and experience life as it is meant to be. When a woman does escape, it empowers them to share their story and to tell others about the horrors that lurk in the shadows and beyond anyone’s imagination.

One of the most fortunate young ladies is Yeonmi Park. At the age of 21, she escaped her prison and shares her story with the world about the North Korean sex rings and how the legislature must be changed. She shared that many officials look the other way when it comes to this crime, as it is so ramped in the area and a big source of financial gain. Park wasn’t the only one affected by the horrific events of human trafficking; her mother was right beside her. She tells stories of her mother being raped and having to watch the entire event. Her mother was just protecting her, which makes the situation even worse.

Park never knew a life of suffering and was actually one of the societies most affluent. However, her world came crashing down when her father went to prison and her mother couldn’t’ afford to take care of her and her daughter without his money. Park was brainwashed, saw executions, and was starved. She buried her father at just 14. Rather than being sent back to North Korea, Park wanted to take her own life. She currently lives in South Korea where she hosts a television show called, “Now On My Way To Meet You.” What’s sad is Park was once the Paris Hilton of North Korea, but then her life took a drastic turn for the worse.

Today she is stronger than ever. She educates the world about human trafficking and how these practises happen in ever city and in every country. By bringing it out into the open, she hopes to help women just like her.

Importance Of Advertising Agencies In Brazil

There are hundreds of books and materials out there filled with thousands of pages regarding how to advertise your products and services. In fact, you could spend the next decade learning all about marketing without ever starting to sell anything. It is like riding a motorcycle. You can look at pictures of other people riding the motorcycle, go to school and learn about the geometry of wheels and properties of motion but unless you ride the motorcycle yourself, there is no way to learn it. The same holds good when it comes to advertising. Without advertising in real-time, after complying with the required rules, there is no way to learn all about advertising.

Advertising yourself for your business is a smart move. However, there are a number of reasons why people go through advertising agencies in Brazil to fulfill their business and financial needs. For one thing, the increasing lack of faith in their in-house marketing is more in new establishments. You don’t have to limit your knowledge and experience to the in-house marketing department – you can make more sales by delegating this task to outside companies like Heads. Heads is an advertising agency founded by Claudio Loureiro. He is the recipient of many awards in the publishing industry. He is a pioneer who speaks to thousands of people regularly sharing podium with many business people in Brazil. He has been involved in many large-scale business marketing projects all over the country. His company, Heads provides flexibility to meet customers’ changing needs. It also offers clients expanded resources such as new technology, trends and features in advertising.

Wikipedia shows that while much attention has been focused on this advertising agency in Brazil, similar arrangements are very much in evidence throughout the country. Consumers who were interviewed and surveyed consistently told that flexibility is essential to a successful advertising campaign. And this is one of the reasons why people sign up for agency services like Heads. Another key ingredient is trust. Trust permits greater responsiveness to needs and budget. Businesses can readily enjoy success when there is trust between the agency and itself, and between customers and business, and this is provided when the agency is doing its job well. Apart from sharing and providing the required features and services, these agencies in advertising scene find that their committed relationship with their clients offer many additional benefits. Clients get the needed exposure through many channels such social media, newspaper, articles and things that are beyond one or two persons’ knowledge. The service provider and clients can meet often to talk, discuss and pass reviews without obligations. Whatever its form, advertising agencies in Brazil can be a valuable asset to individuals and businesses alike.

Brad Reifler: One Success Story After Another

In the business world, many people are happy if they start one successful venture, much less several over the course of their career. However, imagine how someone who would be able to start three successful companies would be viewed by his contemporaries. That is the case with Brad Reifler, who over the past three decades has made it a habit of starting one successful company after another. As one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and investors, Brad has used his excellent communication skills with people worldwide to become a person who has been able to develop financial strategies that produce amazing results.

Beginning in the 1980s with Reifler Trading Company, Brad set out to see his big dreams become reality. Working day after day, he built RTC into a company that was a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry. By the time he sold the company in 2000 to Refco, Inc. RTC was considered to be the largest independent futures operations in the world. After this success, Brad went on to form Pali Capital and kept his streak of successful businesses going strong. It was at Pali that Brad honed his strategic planning abilities, which led him to use in-depth credit analysis along with institutional research to come up with sales strategies that the industry had never before seen. Using these strategies with his sales team, Brad and his employees were able to accumulate over $1 billion in commission income by the end of his 13-year run as the company’s CEO. Always known for his cutting-edge strategies and innovative thinking, Brad has garnered an international reputation for excellence. Whether speaking with a leading economist or Fortune 500 executive, Brad understands it is the relationships formed over the years that have led to the success he has achieved.

Quick Makeup Tips for Girls On-the-Go

It is a tedious task to wake up especially early simply to apply multiple kinds of makeup. It sucks when you have to spend 1/60 of your entire day doing your makeup to ensure you look my personal best before heading out. Trust me when I say there is a such thing as over obsessing about your make-up, especially when is not a special occasion.

The key to cutting back on the amount of time that you spend doing your makeup has a lot to do with knowing exactly what you want as well as having very quick access to it. You will also notice that I sometimes combine my own, personal applications for makeup that are custom and just for me. It is important to have a magnificent relationship with a makeup artist so that you can learn all of that tricks, tips, and shortcuts that industries professionals use to keep application time short and sweet.

Tinted Moisturizer

I combine my foundation and moisturizing regimen with a blemish balm. The tinted color gently makes any tiny flaw disappear and massages the redness away. A tinted moisturizer is perfect for this application, should you not want to add foundation to this treatment as well.

The Perfect Mascara

Personally, I suggest one that curls and lengthens. It will help make your eyes look brighter and more alive and tend to add to create a very fresh, fawn-like appearance. Mascara takes seconds to apply, instantly enhancing your look.

Multiple Color Palette for the Eyes
Imagine how much time you waste poking around through your makeup bag just to find the color you need. I conserved an incredible amount of time by buying an eye shadow palette from Doe Deere’s Lime Crime collection with the extensive variety of all my favorite shades. Her Venus palette has over ten colors in pinks, purples, blues, and greens. Obviously, you need to choose a color palette that includes the colors that mean the most to you. I want my color, whip it out and look great. Easy, right?

Perfect Lips
Okay, I Will try to keep this brief, but I am certainly in love with Doe Deere’s Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick collection. It is perfect for almost any day look. I own several shades of peach, pink and red. Without looking over done, you get only the moisturizer and the proper amount of color.

Nowadays, I use less than a quarter of the time I used to spend on my makeup. With just the tiniest amount of concealer and a touch of finishing powder, my face is complete, in less than five minutes. This is a great routine, especially if you are constantly in a rush, like me.

A Literature Of Its Kind

Brazil is a country to be reckoned for its diversity in various segments and full of prosperity, from its natural resource, high-profile personalities among others. However, the country has been through a lot not to mention the military coup and the economic crunch some years back but they still survived. Brazil is a country to reckon due to its unique beauty, multicultural blend of the society and other impressive traits that are well-known to its natives. The country has also made headlines with the just completed world cup that set Brazil as a hotbed of successful personalities, from footballers, financiers that set the stadium to superb condition among others who contributed to the success.

Literature is another diverse part of the country that started centuries ago and continued to thrive and evolve to become more convoluted and interesting. The society makeup comprises a mixture of previous settlers that contributed much and influenced the country’s storytelling. Among the authors that have played an outstanding role in transforming the Brazilian literature is Adriana Lisboa, who was born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro. She is among the distinguished voices in Brazilian literature. Her novels are based on the Brazilian people changing cultures apart from Portuguese and Brazil. She writes her life experience as a traveler who mostly interacts with other cultures as a way of exploring her country. Among her prominent novels are Carvalho and her recent work Crow Blue (2014) that is waiting for an English translation. She currently lives in Colorado after settling in France for some time.

Bernado Carvalho was among the promising authors back in the 1990s, and he has advanced his writings to become one of the most outstanding authors in the contemporary world. He was once a journalist associate for the Folha de São Paulo in New York and Paris and the interaction with the culture gave him a full experience to note it down in a script. Among his phenomenal work is Nine Nights (2002) that was translated into English explaining a mystery of a young American, who takes his life in 1939 in Brazil leaving seven letters with various explanations for his decisions.

Another auspicious author is Jaime Garcia Dias, who at only 45 has managed to publish 20 books. He has utilized most of his years in the Brazilian literature world impressing his loyal readers and has been able to make an impact in the field. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, and his father is a renowned writer as well, this explains Dias’ passion for literature. Jaime Garcia Dias taught literature for five years at the Carioca Literature Academy after he completed his studies at the University of Rio de Janeiro. As an accomplished author, Mr. Dias continues to transform the Brazilian literature as well as inspiring his readers.