Trump Poll Numbers Continue to Climb

The latest New Hampshire polls numbers show Donald Trump gaining still. He is separating himself from the pack, and it appears nothing is slowing down his run to the White House. In yet another primary state, Trump is ahead of even Bush, one who supposed to have been well in front by this point as predicted by many political forecasters. The surprising thing however is that Trump has had so much negative feedback from the news industry in recent weeks, yet the voters are not letting those issues take away from the change they apparently want.

Just last week, James Dondero‘s buddy Trump went after the war record of Senator John McCain. Trump said that being captured and help prisoner for years does not qualify in his eyes as a war hero. Instead, Trump said that not being captured is his idea of a war hero, and those who did make it back were never recognized for their heroic actions. The comments angered many, but even those veterans who felt Trump was wrong still said they would vote for him when the 2016 election arrived.

It appears that Trump is breathing some fresh air into this election. The public in general are just simply tired of the rhetoric about making changes, then getting in office and doing absolutely nothing. Trump has big words but he also says he is going to back up those words with serious actions if the country gives him a chance to be President next year. His numbers continue to climb week after week regardless of what he says.

Adam Sender: The Savvy Investor With an Eye for Art

There are many people who consider themselves to be art collectors. Of these people, there are typically two different groups. One collects art that speaks to them, decorates their home and makes them happy on an emotional level. The other group considers art to be an investment. Their pieces are often chosen by others because of their lack of interest in the art world itself. They may display some of their more notable pieces, but will often store many more until it is time to sell.


Very few of these experts have the talent for investing, the money to invest and the skilled artistic eye to amass a holding of valuable pieces that turn a private collection into the envy of the art world. Adam Sender is one of those experts. Numerous voices in the art world have expressed admiration at the ability of this one man to repeatedly choose works that continue to be exceptional values.


What makes this collection all the more surprising is that the forty-something Sender is not the typical collector. As a hedge fund manager, his ability to spot value made him successful in the financial field and he has obviously been able to transfer that ability to the art world. He is unique because he is both types of collector in one; the savvy investor and the appreciator of talent.


Excitement over his collection has grown recently because of his decision to place 400 of his pieces up for sale. Sotheby’s auction house is handling these transactions, a process that will take approximately 18 months to complete. Art lovers of all types have been using this opportunity to view the diverse collection Sender (Facebook) has chosen to sell. Many of the artworks have been unseen for decades and are expected to fetch much more than their previous sale price.


Adam Sender (LinkedIn) began his collection in the late 1990s. He chose to carefully purchase only the pieces that he felt were shining examples created by already established artists. Unlike many other collectors, he did not choose to pick from one genre or one artist, making his collection uniquely eclectic.


The 400 pieces he has chosen to part with are not quite half of his complete collection, said to number at least 1,000 works. The sale pieces represent the skills of 139 artists and is expected to raise an astounding $70 million. Despite the impression the sale may be giving, Sender is not leaving the art collecting world. He continues to search for artists to invest in that he feels are on the cusp of success whose work he finds “intellectually stimulating”.


Operations of QNET in India

Starting any business is a herculean task that requires commitment, passion and hard work. The Mantra of QNet has been “Think global and act local.” In India, the company has managed to compete with giants in the industry for over a decade.
It is imperative to note that QNet is an e-commerce direct selling company. Over the years, the entity has managed to expand its operations in South East Asia to over 100 countries. The entity has focused its expansion programs throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa regions, West and East Africa, Central Asia, Russia and Europe. The company’s management believes in working with the consumers in finding solutions to their problems.
India is considered a competitive market that has attracted many companies from around the globe. The regulatory landscape in India is stringent and thus, making it difficult to run business in the country. QNet has complied with the different regulatory requirements and has been able to run its operations smoothly in the direct selling industry. The entity has made plans to remain committed to its distributors in the country besides investing in additional manufacturing facilities and development of new products.
Currently, QNet (Instagram) has been manufacturing some of its watches and its energy drink, nutriplus, in India. The enterprise is planning on how to float its products in the global market. The advantage of shifting its production to India is that the company stands to save on costs by between 8 and 12 percent. The entity enjoys success in terms of depth and range of its product offing. Over the years, the company has managed to study the market and collect data that has been utilized in enhancing its range of products. Presently, QNet has about 30 diverse product brands that have been classified into nine product categories. The corporation asserts that its products are geared towards augmenting the lives of its consumers besides promoting their healthy lifestyles.
QNet’s products range from nutrition, wellness, skincare and Swiss-made jewelry and watches. In addition, the entity offers different services that include vacation packages and various online courses. In the past year, the entity has been zeroing in on changing its business strategy in the Indian market. The strategy focuses on narrowing down to a niche segment in order to offer them products that add value and makes differences in their lives. Owing to the shift from lifestyle products to life enhancement objective, the company has been expanding its product range into other areas like education, management of weight, water filtration and purification of air.
Given the increased competition in the market, QNet has been changing its strategies with the view to enhancing its product and service offing besides creating a market for its merchandise. Its range of products seeks to cover different areas like wellness, nutrition and watches. The corporation has been moving away from lifestyle products to life enhancement services and products.

Different types of marketing campaigns now used for dog food

The different types of dog foods available in the 21st century have seen a large number of different marketing campaigns be used to attract customers. Nestle Purina has been one of the most popular makers of dog food for many years and often looks to different ways of marketing their brands . Traditional TV spots are often used with brands like Beneful and community based programs are also used to make sure the various different Purina brands get their name out to the public.

Beneful on facebook has been one of the most popular types of dog food since its launch and is now taking a traditional marketing approach to its customers over its previous attempts to bring focus to the brand. Beneful is now showing how its employees are proud of their work with the brand and feed the dry and wet dog food to their own pets on a regular basis. Backed by the power of Nestle Purina, Beneful is hoping the mix of print and TV ads will bring them even more success in the coming months and years.

Joseph Bismark, an Inspiring Businessman

I came across an article about Joseph Bismark on the Joseph Bismark WordPress page about a positive and forward thinking businessman named Joseph Bismark.

Joseph Bismark said that he has discovered that positive thinking will help you far more than any self-help book ever could, which I couldn’t agree with more. He also said something that really made sense to me about happiness, and that is that power is the key to a person’s true happiness, and that the power necessary for happiness is already within you. Joseph Bismark also believes that understanding people and seeing things from other people’s perspective, whether it be in life matters or business affairs, is an important aspect of growing and becoming a better person.

He also said that he personally feels that his sense of humility and ability to listen to others opinions is what helped him grow into the man that he is now, and I agree that these two personality traits are key to the development of a strong leader. Another of his business strategies that really resonates with me is that it is critical to respect everyone. Joseph Bismark also suggested something quite innovative that I have never thought about doing, he said that as a leader it is pivotal to help your employees in finding inspiration in their lives as it helps make growing a business much easier.

Joseph Bismark also talked about finding that personal interactions with team members is greatly important to a leader, something as simple as asking about family can lead to great results, and in my experience this greatly improves moral and camaraderie in a team. And with this he also makes a point that strong communication and openness with your employees is a key element of a strong leader. Another bit of advice he offers is to accept your mistakes, that doing so can help a leader achieve great success. Overall, I found that Joseph Bismark has a lot of innovative business ideas and inspiring words of wisdom that have the potential to help both personally and professionally.

Vijay’s Journey to Greatness

Vijay Eswaran is a successful business man, public speaker, and bestselling author. He is the Executive Chairman of QI Group of companies, which is a multimillion dollar company that he founded. His journey to becoming successful was not easy, Vijay worked hard for his accomplishments.

Vijay Eswaran’s road to greatness began on October 7, 1960 where he was born in Penang. He was the born to a teacher and an associate of the Malaysian Ministry of Labour. Due to one of his parent’s working with the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, Eswaran Vijay, along with the rest his family often moved around to various areas of Malaysia during his child hood.

Though Vijay moved around a lot, he still had an opportunity to get an education. His thirst for knowledge led him to London School of Economics where he graduated in 1984 with a socio-economic degree. After graduating, Vijay remained in Europe. He supported himself with the help of several odd jobs. His odd jobs lead him to the UK where he was first introduced to the binary marketing system. This interest inspired Vijay to gain a professional qualification from CIMA in the UK and then a MBA in 1986 from the Southern Illinois University.

During his quest for knowledge, Vijay began working part-time in multilevel marketing for a company called Synaptics. This part-time work provided Vijay the opportunity to take his multilevel marketing skills and income to the next level.

In the year 1998, Vijay finally returned to his native land. There he had a vision to start his own company and so he did. Vijay co-founded the OI Group which is a company that is involved with many subareas including training, wellness, telecommunications, media, corporate investments, and even businesses in travel. With Vijay’s expertise and knowledge in multilevel marketing, the Qi Group has been able to grow and expand its presence into almost 10 countries. It also has offices located in four countries.

In addition to being successful businessman he is also a bestselling author. He currently has three books under his belt: Sphere of Silence, In the Thinking Zone, a collection of thoughts and reflections on life, and On the Wings of Thought. These three books offer a glance into Vijay’s personal life, business tactics, and his philosophy.

Vijay’s hard work and dedication has allowed him to be noticed by Forbes to be one of Malaysia’s top fifty richest people, he came in at number 25.
In the midst of his success, Vijay also find time to give back. He has established a couple of foundations such as the Vijayaratnam Foundation, which is named after his dad. This is a charitable organization that is located in Malaysia. He also founded the RHYTHM Foundation which is directed connected to the QI group.

Clinton Is Helping Sanders Gain Supporters

Her Weak Stance On TPP Hurt Her With Economic Liberals

Clinton is a strong candidate for president. She has the serious credentials, and she spent eight years in the White House. But Hillary Clinton is not the lawyer that came into the political arena as a fighter for middle-class rights. She is now part of the Washington establishment, and she acts like one of those fabricated do-gooders.

There is no doubt a segment of the voting public wants a woman president. “Some voters will vote for Clinton just because she is a woman, and that’s okay” says James Dondero. But the mood in the country is changing. The middle class and people below that class know Clinton says one thing, and will do another in order to satisfy her big money supporters. The days of hiding behind a half-hearted message filled with promises of a brighter future and economic gain are over. Clinton doesn’t have what it takes to make the epic changes that will give this country back to the people. She gave what it “takes” up when she became part of the problem, not the solution.

So Clinton is helping Bernie Sanders. She is showing Democrats, and the rest of the country that real change is not about gender or big money supporters. It’s about saying and doing what you will say you will do in spite of the challenges.

Andy Wirth Assumes Appointment on Reno Airport Board

According to the Sierra Sun, Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, took his seat on the Reno Airport Authority Board this past July 9th. Andy Wirth is well known for his work at Squaw Valley and for his latest commitment to bridging Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows with a gigantic natural ski left. As a successful CEO and philanthropist his addition to the board, alongside two other board members, came as no surprise. Jessica Sferazza, Lisa Gianoli and Jenifer Rose were the other two members sworn in.

Wirth, was named Chairman of the board, will assume his position immediately. Wirth spoke to the press in order to render his thanks for the position while simultaneously stating what he hopes to bring to the table. Wirth commented that “new people will bring new ideas” that will attempt to bring the airport into a whole new level of popularity and success. Wirth also commended the other two members who were joining the board, saying that they were “very experienced and talented people” who were dedicated to “enhancing travel to and from our region”.

Wirth is more than just a successful CEO and his knowledge will extend to many different areas as he works the Chairman position. Wirth made it to the RSCVA Board back in 2013 and he has a ton of experience working with resort management thanks to Squaw Valley. While serving in 2013 he worked as a liaison in between Reno-Sparks and the Lake Taho region. This experience, working within an internationally traveled resort, brought him success working with different airlines that wanted to develop flights to Utah, Canada, and Colorado.

Most of all it appeared that Wirth wanted to espouse his gratefulness at being granted the position. Wirth spoke candidly and from the heart by saying that he was “honored to represent RSCVA and to serve as Chairman of an entity that is vital to our regional economy”. Wirth went on to discuss how integral air travel was to the very survival of several key industries in the area: skiing, gaming and business. It is his understanding from the perspective of a CEO that brings so much clout and respect to the position.

The other three new members each bring their own flavor of experience to their position. Gianoli owns a consulting firm that represents local government, Rose is the CEO of Its My Community Store, and Sferazza is the founder of JESSCONVLLC where she is a consultant to local businesses in the area.