Court Orders Man To Pay For Drone He Shot Down

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a drone. There has been an ever increasing presence of drones in the skies. They fly over businesses and they fly over parks, but they also fly over private backyards. Many people are beginning to see such a thing as a violation of their privacy and are taking action.

A man named Brett Mcbay noticed that a drone was flying over his yard in Modesto California, he took out a shotgun and shot the drone down. Mcbay insisted on a right to privacy, but a small claims court did not agree and instead they ordered him to pay for all damages to the drone.

So far Mcbay has yet to pay for the damages, but this brings to mind the larger question at hand. Do people have a right to privacy in their own back yards? At Madison Street Capital, most feel they do. Some states have begun to take on the issue of drones and privacy, but so far California has yet to do so.

A right to privacy has been instilled in US citizens since the country came into being. A person’s right to privacy was guaranteed. How can anyone have privacy when drones are allowed to peek in windows, and fly over private backyards? Perhaps privacy is a thing of that past, at least in the state of California.

Tiny Mayor

Dorset, Minnesota is probably a tiny town that you’ve never heard of. The homes are beautiful, the people are nice, and anyone in this town can be given a shot at success if you let them.

Just ask 3 year old James Tuft. According To Reddit News, the small boy believes that it is his calling to be mayor, and so he’s running! He actually has a pretty good shot at it too. His brother spent 2 terms as mayor. But get this, his brother was only 2 days older than him when he was elected mayor! That seems crazy to those not around the town like Crystal Hunt.

So in this tiny town, tiny people can be mayor if their dreams are big enough! The election will be held August 2nd. It’s a very cute idea to do this. After all, it’s a small town and they don’t really have much need for a mayor that will make big decisions. I’m sure there are other people on hand to do that. So, why not take that opportunity to make a kids dreams come true? It’s a once in a life time experience for him, and at the very least it will look good on his college application down the road. So many politicians are sneaky and they fight dirty. This little mayor restores hope that not all of them are bad, and sometimes they’re just around to give you a little smile. You’ve got our vote James Tuft!

New York Looking Ahead to Playoffs.

While the New York Yankees will be fighting for the top of the AL East for much of the season we have little doubt that they will end up making it in barring some complete collapse. So assuming that the Yanks make it to the playoffs, we have to wonder about their starting rotation. For much of the year the Yankees have had one of the best offenses and bullpens in the league, but the rotation has been in doubt. Veteran CC Sabathia is soaking up a ton of money and not doing anything with it. So when Ivan Nova came back from his injury, the Bronx Bombers held their breath. They needed him to be good. And he was.

According to James Dondero, Nova made his return from injury against the red hot Philadelphia Phillies and the young righty held the Phillies completely in control. This was Nova’s first return to Yankee Stadium in over a year and it was an emotional moment for the pitcher. Nova admitted to almost crying when he first walked out of the tunnel. He couldn’t believe that he made it back from Tommy John Surgery.

Nova showed off some excellent speed on his fastball as he routinely hit 95 MPH. Nova did have an issue finding the strike zone, throwing 41 balls out of his 92 pitches, but he was great getting the Phillies to fly out — getting 11 batters out in this fashion.

Nova went 6.2 IP while allowing 3 hits and no runs for the win.

Kendall Jenner Walks Down The Street Without Pants

Kendall Jenner is a world famous model, and she is also a member of the infamous Kardashian family. Over the last several weeks, Kendall Jenner has showcased her strange sense of fashion. Not too long ago, Kendall wore the shortest shorts known to man, and her appearance caused headlines throughout the Internet. Nonetheless, it seems that Kendall Jenner’s recent outfit is even worse.

For those of you that missed it, Kendall Jenner was walking down the street in just a sweatshirt. However, it should be noted that she did have a pair of high heels on as well, but that it’s it. I have never seen a woman walk down the street in that type of outfit, and I’m actually quite confused. I thought that Kendall Jenner was supposed to be a fashion model, but it seems that she would rather wear a sweatshirt than an expensive outfit. Social media users have been buzzing about Kendall’s recent appearance, and it’s not hard to see why. Kendall Jenner’s long legs are on full display, and several people are wondering what’s underneath the sweatshirt.

MTV recently uploaded several pictures of Kendall Jenner’s sweatshirt outfit said Kevin Seawright. I’m sure that men around the world are very happy with Kendall’s appearance. However, I’m wondering what women think about Kendall Jenner.

Homeless Man Returns Single Mothers Wallet Containing Several Hundred Dollars


One homeless man was faced with a decision that even the most honest man might have issues making. While resting on a park bench the man, who doesn’t want his name released, found a wallet containing several hundred dollars and a woman’s personal belongings including her EBT card which helps her family receive food assistance.

Thankfully for the program Hearts for Homeless Shelter the man who found the wallet was about to text the assistant director for help. The text explained how he had found the wallet containing nearly 400 dollars and the money was too tempting. He asked the director to come pick up the wallet before he was tempted to do something with the money. A few minutes later the assistant director had picked up the wallet and was able to return it to its rightful owner.

The owner of the wallet was a single mom in her 20’s stated Paul Mathieson. She was so thankful to have the wallet back exclaiming she felt her whole life was in there. She had returned later in the day to find her wallet when she realized it was gone only to find it nowhere to be found. She was heartbroken. However, thanks to the big hearted people in the world she was able to get it back. Since the homeless man did the right thing, Hearts for Homeless has set him up in a transitional apartment to better help him get on his feet.

World Property Values Increase

The World population may be getting larger but the home prices are also increasing according to a study by global economists. Median home prices have now increased in nineteen of these global markets at a pace of 5.2% increase a year. The only exception is China, who is coming into the end of a two decades long population boom is seeing its housing prices drop. Economist point out that an increase in home prices should not be viewed simply as a measure of prosperity. Global Home Stock Increase in Value Who has access to housing in this market class is just as important of an examination.

Economist look at the issue of affordability, as calculated by the total ratio of home prices to income per capita or person after tax. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden on austinmdmagazine, The other element is the manner of investing in housing which is calculated on the total ratio of home prices to rents. This is the same technique that a stock market investor would review on the ratio of equity prices to earnings for a company. If these numbers are calculated to be higher than their calculated historic averages then property or home is determined to be overvalued. However, if the calculated numbers are lower, then the property or home is determined to be undervalued. According to these numbers global home properties in select areas are valued more than 25% over the historic value in seven of the select markets. The key areas noted are Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

The Fight to Keep the Rate Low

Handy recently reported Wall Street occupants got to breathe a huge sigh of relief this past Wednesday after a huge decision was made in terms of interest rates. The Federal Reserve made the decision to keep interest rates at its current numbers. Even though the decision came as a release of Wall Street money economist and activists are still worried about the stagnation and at the minimum wage growth. Even though the Federal Reserve promised to keep the current interest rates at or between 0 and 0.25% it doesn’t mean that these results stay that way forever. A board member noticed that interest rates would have to increase before the end of 2015 to warrant a change in light of economic conditions. It was noted that the Federal Reserve would probably raise the interest rates sometime in September. Economist who are not only worried about themselves, but the American populace as a whole are worried that such a hike will hit people Carter in their wallets than the last recession. These economy comebacks by the Center for Popular Democracy’s Fed Up campaign where people are trying their hardest to prioritize wage growth and full time employment. Not only would an interest hike halt the progress of the campaign, but it could even set back multiple citizens in terms of economic prosperity and progression. Do fed up campaign is planning steps and activities to stop the interest rate hike.

Two Adolescents Brave House Fire To Save Two Babies

Preteen boys generally enjoy video games, sports, and maybe even girls a little bit. One thing most would not consider for such a young age would be fearless heroicism. Two boys, ages 10 and 11, saw a trailer on fire, knew there were other children in it and brazed the flames to perform a rescue. Isiah Francis and Jeremiah Grimes, of Oakland, Florida were simply relaxing and enjoying summer vacation when the noticed smoke next door and saw a neighbor attempting to put out the fire with water, he said that children were still inside.


The young boys could barely see when they entered the residence but they managed to save two babies, aged 1 and 8 months, before calling 911. The firefighters saved two more children promptly upon arriving at the scene. The boys claim that instinct took over, there was not time to sit and think it through before acting. Their parents must be doing something right to raise such good children, as Jim Dondero is quick to point out.

Hunter Treschl -The 16 Year Old Victim In Shark Bite Speaks

Unless you’re living under a rock these days, you’ve heard about all the shark attacks lately. While they are happening everywhere, the bulk of the media is centered on the Ocean Isle, NC area. Hunter Treschl was the 16 year old boy who was in the attack in this area. The other heavily publicized attack was a 12 year old girl. Both of the teens lost limbs and yet lived to tell their story.

What they have learned from these attacks can be used to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation. One thing that must be notated is that one of the attacks happened near the fishing pier. It is never wise to swim where people are fishing. Dropping bate in the water brings fish and fish bring sharks. Another thing that the boy taught us is that he had little time to react. The shark was quick and calculated and was biting him before he ever knew what hit him.

The boy lost his arm below the shoulder. Though in pain, he remains optimistic about what happened. It was a family vacation that he will never forget, no matter how badly it hurts him. For his family, they are trying to be strong for him, and that is something Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can respect. Going without an arm in life is going to be a hard and painful adjustment to say the least. When you’ve done things your whole life with 2 arms, being without one is going to be a balancing act. He will have to have extensive therapy to learn to live with less, but he is thankful to be alive.

Is Brian Williams Returning?

After 6-motnhs of suspension, it has been reported that Brian Williams is to return to NBC stated emobile. Although he will be returning, it has also been reported by many sources that he will no longer be the anchor for the Nightly News. By later today, NBC will make a formal announcement concerning Brian Williams returning.

Although Brian Williams will be returning to NBC, his role will be unclear within the studio. Some suggestions for his role include transferring him to the sister studio, MSNBC to report on the breaking news.

The reason for Williams’ hasty suspension was because he made a comment back in February stating that he was in a war zone when he in fact was not. This particular comment made by Williams, had launched an internal investigation of him concerning his other claims. Though Lester Holt, the sub anchor, was taking over until Williams returned, it has been reported that Holt will be the Permanent anchor for the Nightly News.

In 2003, Williams made the comment that aboard a helicopter that had to land because it was attacked by a rocket-propelled grenade. However, this account was later revealed to be false. Brian Williams was reportedly never in that helicopter. He was in a different helicopter. What does this mean for Brian Williams’ career? Although he is back at NBC, he will not be in the same iconic position that he once was in.