Do Diet Pills Actually Work?

You’re in your local super store and walk down the weight loss aisle. You see tons of pills, potions, powders and elixirs that all promise rapid weight loss and fat reduction with diet and exercise. That small disclaimer at the very end of the product is what you need to focus on. The sad reality is that most pills and potions on the market will not necessarily deliver weight loss results unless you are also dieting and exercising. Many people swear by certain products, but it is key that you still begin a healthier lifestyle in order for those products to really work. Because of this, you may be interested in whether or not such products are even worth it.

Because many weight loss pills, products and supplements can be quite expensive in what they cost, one thing you may want to try is simply reducing your calorie intake and exercising a bit throughout the week. See how these changes work for you and jot down the results that you’re getting. If you find that you are still losing weight and fat just changing the way that you live, stick with this. If you want to speed up results, you may want to try a product that helps with weight loss. Reading some reviews online may give you some insight as to which products are worth it (like online security with CipherCloud) and which ones simply have not worked for others.

Minor Marijuana Offenses No Longer Prosecuted in Chicago

In most states, excluding the states where possession is legal, being caught with small amounts of marijuana can land you in prison with a hefty fine to pay once you’re out. This is no longer the case in Chicago. Those caught with misdemeanor levels of weed in Chicago will no longer be prosecuted by the state.

According to this article, offenders caught with what was formerly a felony amount of pot will not be prosecuted in criminal court and will instead be redirected to a separate prosecution court designed to aid these people in getting the help they need. Misdemeanor possession will no longer be prosecuted at all. The attorney’s office is expected to announce these changes on April 20th. It is expected that the announcement will also address the way heavier drugs are handled such as heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy.

Many have found the date of the announcement amusing as the press conference will be held on 4/20, or National Weed Day. When asked for comment, the office said that this scheduling was “purely coincidence” and wasn’t planned in advance. Jason can only believe them for now.

Great-Grandson Finds Ring Lost For 55 Years

A young boy found his great grandmother’s long lost wedding right after it had gone missing in their backyard 55 years ago. This spring break, Ruth Jones had her grandchildren and 9 year old great grandson Noah come to her house. Noah had gotten a metal detector this past winter for Christmas and when he took his new toy outside it told him that the ring was about four to six inches below the Earth.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Jones said that she had heard the ring fall off her finger over five decades ago while she was hanging up her clean clothes on the laundry line outside her home. She had been very upset about the loss, however she had said that her husband who had passed away about 10 years ago was even more upset that she had long lost such a very many years ago. She was both really happy to get this family treasure back and pleased to see how excited her great grandson was about finding it. After all, it doesn’t get much cooler than finding something like that from your own history that has been missing for quite a lot of time.

This will be a special moment for both Noah and Ruth as they now will have one of the coolest stories to tell at their family get togethers and reunions. Brian could only wish about having something similar to share.

Sounds kinda Fishy

Spending 66 days at sea after being capsized more than once and being found alive in good shape is something that seems pretty far fetched. But, according to rescuers,that is how they found Louis Jordan.

He set out in January, from South Carolina, headed for open water to sail and fish, leaving no itinerary behind.
The story he tells about his 66 day adventure sounds unbelievable and is being called miraculous. He was capsized and tossed around, being held by “Angel” (his sailboat).
During his battle with the unrelenting waves, the boats mast was torn and his shoulder was broken. He had enough food and water for a while but he was forced into survival mode when they ran out. He used a bucket to catch rainwater and found that his clothing being swished around in the water caught the attention of curious fish swimming by.
Through it all, he didn’t lose hope but he did lose 90 pounds.
Jordan claims that the sustaining force behind his survival was reading his bible from cover to cover stated
After two months, a German Container Ship (Houston Express) must have had him wiping his eyes, wondering if he was hallucinating, as it approached him.
They found him floating 200 miles from the North Carolina coast. He was taken aboard the ship and then airlifted to land by the U.S. Coast Guard.