Mayweather Fight


It seems there has been a lot of false hope going around the media, as everyone was buzzing regarding the fight that was supposed to take place between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. This has been the most anticipated fight in the history of boxing and literally everyone that is a fan of boxing wants to see this fight. It will hands down be the biggest fight in the history of boxing if it does take place, but it seems that the news that it was finally going to transpire was false. Mayweather stated that he was going to have a fight in early May and he met with Pacquiao earlier this week, with Manny’s people coming out and saying that the fight was going to take place. Floyd Mayweather is the only fighter in boxing that runs his own fights and that makes him significantly more than any other fighter in the history of boxing. This very well has been a marketing move intended to create a big public stir regarding the fight, just to dash the hopes of the public. If this was the case and they later decided to have the fight, Mayweather would make way more money. He is already set to make about 200 million from the fight and by using this strategy he would increase his earning significantly. It looks like this is the tactic being used and the fight most likely will go down sometime within a year or two said Dave Morin.