Bernardo Chua Recognizes Others During His Own Award Win

The entrepreneur Bernardo Chua returned to his native Philippines to receive an honor as one of the top entrepreneurs in the country at the Dangal ng Bayan Awards. At the same awards Chua’s Organo Gold brand of products was also honored with two People’s choice Awards, with Chua also taking the time to recognize some of the top performing distributors of his globally recognized coffee, tea and personal care products, PR Newswire reports. Despite a number of commitments in Vancouver, Canada, Chua made the trip to Manila with only a single days notice for event organizers and attendees to prepare for the ceremony.

Bernardo Chua founded the Organo Gold brand in 2008 as a luxury lifestyle brand that features the use of the Ganoderma Lucidium mushroom. This mushroom has been used for many centuries in Chinese medicine as an antioxidant, which is used in a number of well known medicines to treat a variety of illnesses and medical conditions. Organo Gold is classed as a network marketing company as the products offered are sold by individual, independent distributors to customers all over the World. The worldwide nature of the company saw Chua honored at the awards ceremony as the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur for 2015 and the brand as a whole won the award for the Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee. As Organo Gold now provides coffee, teas and personal products infused with the health giving properties of Ganoderma Lucidium the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur award does seem a fitting tribute to the success Chua has brought to the company.

Dr. Rod Rohrich helps make plastic surgery safe for all

Plastic and reconstructive surgery are areas of medicine that are often still mistrusted by many, but the work of Dr. Rod Rohrich is being used to make the World look upon this important area of the medical profession in a different light. Dr Rod Rohrich spends a large amount of his time working on research and educational matters that can be used to assist plastic surgeons around the World in providing the best and safest care available for all their patients. Despite his commitment to education and research,Dr Rod  Rohrich also spends a large amount of his time in surgery using the latest techniques and making sure his patients at UT Southwestern are given the best available care no matter what they are being treated for.

One of the World’s leaders in providing plastic surgery as a cosmetic and reconstructive expert, Dr Rod Rohrich has used his training in both the UK and US to make sure the field has been advanced in all terms of medical research. The commitment Dr Rod Rohrich has to the education of his fellow plastic surgery professionals goes so far as the surgeon spending time as the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most respected body in the World for plastic surgery advancements. The resident of Dallas, Texas still works closely with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to help provide lectures, seminars and teaching materials that can be used by surgeons to help provide excellent care in all cases.

One area that Dr. Rod Rohrich has been a major supporter of is the option of providing individual based treatment options based on the needs of each case. The surgeon believes each case is unique and individual, meaning the use of different techniques can be determined by the individual case and the surgeon performing the surgery. By taking an individual approach to each case, Dr. Rohrich believes the most natural looking results can be achieved to avoid issues and problems further down the line.

Life Changing Medical Procedure at North American Spine

For many patients who have been treated at North American Spine over the last six years, the treatment has been life changing. North American Spine in Dallas, Texas has been helping patients alleviate chronic back pain for six years as of January 15, 2015. During that time, they have treated over 4000 patients. Patients are enthusiastic about the results of their treatment.

North American Spine, as a company, operates within a corporate culture that emphasizes educating and helping their patients. This highly regarded medical organization was nominated for The Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award for its company philosophies and practices.

North American Spine has also revolutionized the treatment of some back injuries and conditions with a new technology. They have moved spine treatment from the latest minimally invasive procedures to a procedure with virtually no invasion. Their exclusive AccuraScope technology represents a dramatic advance in treatment for bulging discs and scar tissue that press on nerves. The AccuraScope enters the body through an existing, natural opening in the spine at the base of the sacrum. A tiny cut is all that is needed to have the scope travel through the canal.

This flexible scope can both diagnose and treat many back ailments. Without this technology, doctors have to rely on MRI and sonogram imaging to find the source of the problem. They are not always able to get a complete picture of the cause of the patient’s pain. The AccuraScope shows doctors exactly what’s happening and enables them to treat many problems successfully. Whether the problem is inflammation, bulging discs, or scar tissue, the AccuraScope can reduce the pressure on the nerves by shrinking the scar tissue or bulging discs. Patients report a drastic improvement in their mobility and degree of pain and discomfort. When asked, 96% of the 4000 patients treated said they would recommend the procedure to others.

The AccuraScope procedure is less dangerous than traditional back surgeries. It also typically has a faster recovery time than even the most recent, minimally invasive surgical procedures. Using the new technology to diagnose and help patients get relief from back pain gives hope to long time back pain sufferers.

As you can read in the news, North American Spine has done some pretty incredible things with the Accurascope too.

Mayweather Fight


It seems there has been a lot of false hope going around the media, as everyone was buzzing regarding the fight that was supposed to take place between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. This has been the most anticipated fight in the history of boxing and literally everyone that is a fan of boxing wants to see this fight. It will hands down be the biggest fight in the history of boxing if it does take place, but it seems that the news that it was finally going to transpire was false. Mayweather stated that he was going to have a fight in early May and he met with Pacquiao earlier this week, with Manny’s people coming out and saying that the fight was going to take place. Floyd Mayweather is the only fighter in boxing that runs his own fights and that makes him significantly more than any other fighter in the history of boxing. This very well has been a marketing move intended to create a big public stir regarding the fight, just to dash the hopes of the public. If this was the case and they later decided to have the fight, Mayweather would make way more money. He is already set to make about 200 million from the fight and by using this strategy he would increase his earning significantly. It looks like this is the tactic being used and the fight most likely will go down sometime within a year or two said Dave Morin.