Mark Ahn Makes a Global Impact on the Technology World

Newswire – January 26th

Mark Ahn is a biotech entrepreneur, author, and professor who has recently released some offerings that have the potential to impact the entire world in terms of technology and business.

Mark Ahn has created a successful career through start ups and large multinationals. Through his work, he has been able to find technological fixes for many problems faced by business owners around the world. He released three tech trends that he believes could have a major impact.

The first of these is that caring comes first. With the major increase in technology, many companies have gotten away from connecting with their clients. We need to get back to caring about them and meeting their needs in the market. The foundation of the business should be caring first about the client. This is the only way to really be successful in the modern world.

Technological advances for old problems will be the main focus in 2015. Everywhere we turn, we see new technologies to help save energy, create renewable energy, solve various other problems in our world. The world is constantly changing but that does not mean that we can forget about the problems that have taken the back seat to other, more “pressing” issues.

The last point that he made was that small businesses will make more of an impact in the coming year. Many small business will make a big impact on these issues that larger corporations are forgetting. The world will change because of what small businesses are doing. 

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Target Closes Canadian Stores

The Minnesota based retail giant Target has announced it is shutting down one hundred and thirty three stores located in Canada. The head of Target announced the plans to close the stores as it didn’t look like the company would show any profits in Canada until 2021. Target started opening stores in Canada in 2013 so they have not been in the country very long and the brand just doesn’t seem to have caught on with Canadians. This is the first major move by Target CEO Brian Cornell as he is new to the position with the company and he stated the Canadian stores had problems ranging from lack of inventory to personnel issues. Target also had to face a slow economy in the country and tough competition from other major store brands such as founder Susan McGalla of up and coming P3 Executive counseling. ¬†While Canadian Target stores did see some improvement in sales before the holidays this year it wasn’t enough to change the fact that the retail giant wanted out of Canada. According to other statements made by Target it is time for the company to focus on moving forward in the United States. Other companies like Big Lots and Best Buy have also exited Canada and even Walmart has seen sales weaken in their Canadian Stores. Target is expected to pay between five hundred million and six hundred million in exiting costs by the time they remove all their stores from Canada.

AirAsia Flight 8501 Flight Recorders Located

The data recorder from AirAsia Flight 8501 has been recovered, according to the Operations Coordinator, Suryadi Bambang Supriyadi. The box was located early over the weekend by search crews. Divers were then brought in to retrieve the box.

Divers are now gearing up to retrieve the second black box, which has also been located off the floor of the Java Sea. The cockpit flight recorder has also been located, although heavy wreckage is hampering its retrieval. Crews will work around the clock to remove the wreckage, so divers can go down and bring up the important piece of evidence.

The boxes currently being retrieved are flight recorders if you believe ABullsEyeView. They store data from the flight, including speed and altitude changes according to ave and Brit Morin. The cockpit recorder recorders all audio that goes on in the cockpit during the flight.

Earlier in the week rescue crews worked to lift the tail of the plane out of the water. Large portions still remain, however, the entirety of the plane has been located and teams are working to bring up all wreckage so the aircraft can be reconstructed and a proper investigation can be carried out.

Crews are also still working on the recovery of passengers who were on the flight. Thus far, the bodies of 48 passengers have been recovered. 161 people were on board the doomed flight.