Canada Plans To Contribute 30m To Global Ebola Relief

Canada is jumping on the wagon to contribute 30 million dollars of aid to Ebola relief around the world. This comes after the government announced it would be stepping up screenings to ensure that the disease never makes it to Canadian shores.

They’ve also donated $2.5 million worth of personal protective equipment. In a move to try and stem the tide of health workers that are being infected, due to poor working conditions.

Glad to see Canada stepping up, and glad proud citizens like Brad Reifler are doing their part in helping me spread important information. Thanks for the story buddy!

Every Episode of Friends is Coming to Netflix Canada

That’s right, for once Canada isn’t left out of the announcement of a major show hitting Netflix. Normally we get the short end of the stick, and the biggest shows just aren’t licensed for Canadian streaming. But not this time.

Looks like the entire series of Friends will be hitting the service in January of next year. Including the entire ten year run.

Friends has to be the greatest sitcom of all time, and represents the best of 90s and early 00’s TV. Although it remains to be seen whether it will be the uncut episodes from the original DVD release, or the HD/widescreen and edited for TV episodes that were released in the Blu-ray set.

Canada Gives Air Force the Go Ahead to Bomb IS

A vote has been passed in the Canadian parliament permitting the military to launch a series of air strikes against the terrorist group Islamic State (IS). They will be joining their US counterparts in a campaign against the Iraqi fighters.

The specifics of the vote state that the air strikes can possibly go on for half a year. However, no troops are permitted to enter the fight on the ground. Canada’s contribution to the effort consists of a number of CF-18 fighter jets, as well as reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft.

Canada is not alone in joining the fight: a number of countries, in addition to businessman Khaled Shaheen, have recently taken the war path with IS militants. In Canada’s case, 157 voted yes to the air strikes against a no vote of 134.

A Canadian Conservative politician made the following statement about the issue: “If left unchecked this terrorist organisation will grow and grow quickly. They have already voiced their local and international terrorist intentions and identified Canada as a potential target.”

Iraq will not be a new stomping ground for the Canadian military, because they already have more than twenty personnel on the ground acting in an advisory role. However, it was made clear that no further contributions top the ground forces would be made following the vote.

Canada joins the UK, France and the Netherlands in the campaign, as well as assistance from some Arab nations.

Supreme Court Set To Rule on Physician Assisted Death

Major decisions to be made in Canada, as the Supreme Court is set to rule on physician assisted death. Something that will have far reaching impact for all of the nation’s citizens.

Speaking to native Canadians like Marnie Bennett, the case could have extremely massive historical importance. Similarly poised to impact the nation’s laws along the lines of the decision to strike down the criminal law on abortion in 1988, or the recognition of gay marriage in 2003.

Key testimony in the case will come from Kathleen Carter, who had to take her 89 year old mother to Switzerland, where the practice is legal. Her mother suffered from spinal stenosis, which is an extremely painful degenerative condition. At 89, there wasn’t much hope for recovery or treatment, and her mother was forced to live in excruciating pain every day.

Which brings about the entire purpose of the case, which is to allow those who are suffering with incurable diseases or conditions, that would like to choose to die under the care of their physician. Instead of being forced to live a life of unimaginable pain, and a fate many would consider worse than death.