Securus Technologies and how it Deals with Correctional Institutions’ Communications

Inmate communication has brought a lot of controversies on whether to allow the service to continue taking place or whether it should be terminated. On one hand supporters of this communication such as Securus Technologies argues that allowing communication to inmates is a way of showing them love. By showing inmates some sense of care helps them to accept that they were wrong and they start willing to change as opposed to when they are not shown any kind of care. On the other hand, opposers such as the ex-corrections officer Robert Johnson argues that allowing such communications to happen is a security threat to the general public.

Some undesirable incidents have occurred as a result of allowing communications between the inmates and the outside world. Murder, robbery with violence and other offences are planned through these communications to the unsuspecting public. The effects of such offenses always leave the victims with psychological pain since they get victimized for things they knew not of. Some correctional officers also get involved with the incidences since their duties involve instilling discipline to the inmates. For this reason, the inmates create some grudges with such officers and when they get a chance, they plan on how they can harm them through their friends from the outside world. These officers’ families therefore live a life of fear since they won’t know when and where they would get ambushed.

To streamline the communication platform and make sure that only genuine calls are made by the inmates, Securus Technologies bumps in. From the determination it has to keep communication going on with the inmates’ loved ones, it has ensured that security features are maximized in their communication platforms. The company ensures that only registered numbers are used to prevent creation of traffic in their line by numbers that are not identified. Thus, inmates cannot be able dial random numbers as they can only use the ones they have registered in their accounts.

According to Securus, the technology that they provide ensures that each call made is monitored by the relevant officers to uphold security. Although call communication is supposed to be private, special cases such as this allows involvement of a third party and in this case a specific officer is selected. Communication tends to be normal when the inmates make calls thus they cannot suspect anything weird while calling. However, when any suspicious communication is made, the officers in charge are in a position to terminate such calls to prevent occurrence of any danger. Such numbers are then blocked and are not allowed to make any contact. The strategy that Securus Technologies uses has been approved by some correctional institutions and has been contracted to offer its services to them at a fee.


Fabletics Emerges as Top Online Retailer in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is one of the more competitive industries in the retail sector. Companies that are looking to sell apparel on the internet will need to compete against Amazon which controls about 20% of the entire market. While many businesses in the retail industry struggle to compete against Amazon, Fabletics has been one of the very few to make as much sales and receive as much revenue. In its brief existence, Fabletics has quickly emerged as a company that makes an estimated annual revenue of $250 million. What has enabled this company to succeed is its model of selling products through a subscription. This model has allowed consumers to buy merchandise on a more frequent basis. With the convenience of a membership, consumers have had many opportunities to purchase apparel and help Fabletics meet high revenue goals.


In the fashion retail industry, factors such as price and quality have always been detrimental to a companies’ success. While this is still true today, there are other elements that make a fashion retail company successful. Any business in the fashion retail industry needs to focus on providing a customer experience that is very satisfying, establish recognition of the brand and also devise a unique design that appeals to consumers. Since Fabletics has adopted these things, it has been able to emerge as the top e-commerce athletic apparel retailer. It has adopted a business model that emphasizes subscription over a brick and mortar store location. As a result, Fabletics has been in position to enable consumers to make all purchasing decisions online and buy merchandise on a regular basis.


What has made Fabletics among the most successful online retailers in the fashion industry has been its ability to establish a high value brand. With a membership model, the company has had the opportunity to make the buying experience very personalized for consumers. With personalization, a number of consumers have been able to make informed buying decisions and also make purchases more frequently compared to other retailers. Fabletics uses the reverse showroom technique where consumers browse items online and then purchase them at physical locations. This model has allowed the company to capitalize on more informed buyers and therefore make sales more consistently compared to other retailers in the industry.


Fabletics was founded by celebrity Kate Hudson who was looking to offers high quality women’s athletic apparel to consumers. After realizing that finding affordable athletic apparel was a challenge for a number of women, Hudson decided to put together a brand that would provide high quality athletic apparel that was cost effective as well as diverse. Her company offers a wide selection of apparel that includes leggings, shirts, sports bras and jackets. With a wide selection of apparel items, women have been able to get stylish clothing when participating in a number of athletic activities.

End Citizens United Embraces Role Of Campaign Finance Reform Champion

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was designed in order to help combat the problems of campaign finance de-regulation in the highest offices of the world of American politics. If you’ve paid any attention to American politics over the past seven or eight years then you’ve likely heard the term ‘campaign finance reform’ and ‘dark money’. Dark money, special interests, and corporate lobbyists have begun polluting the United States government with their money in an effort to buy off politicians to kowtow to whatever it is that benefits their businesses the most. This huge problem can date back to a specific point in time, due to a specific group of people: conservative group Citizens United.

Citizens United has been committed to fighting campaign financial regulation for years now. Leading the way has been lawyer James Bopp who has been described as, “leading a very broad-based litigation assault” against federal and state campaign finance laws. Bopp’s goal, and that of Citizens United, is fairly simple: they want to completely strip regulations in order to allow dark money to flood politics under the auspices of ‘financial freedom’. However, their goal can be boiled down even more simply: Bopp and co want to allow politicians to be bought off by the highest bidder.

In 2010 James Bopp got a hearing with the Supreme Court and in that hearing he managed to successfully convince enough judges that Citizens United had ground to stand on. The results were instant and damning as money started to flood into Washington DC. As a result the standard of political discourse and bi-partisan cooperation has reached an all time low. Washington D.C. today looks dramatically different than it did even just ten or fifteen years ago.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the people are giving up on their government. End Citizens United is a committee that was established to give a voice to people so that they can have hope in the future. End Citizens United is focused on raising money in a grassroots fashion so that they can help to fund political candidates whoa re promising to tackle the problem of the Citizens United decision. Their goal is simple but the path is long and it is going to require a ton of support from regular every day Americans.

Despite the election of Donald Trump, in a controversial election year, more Americans than not are against his disastrous regime. This has led to an unprecedented spike in donations to the team at End Citizens United. End Citizens United has already raised $4 million of their estimated $35 million goal. Along the way End Citizens United has already endorsed several major political leaders including Senator Warren.

End Citizens United Believes Trump An Drain The Swamp If He Supports Finance Reform

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp if elected president. People judge if he’s lived up to this promise from their political viewpoint, but End Citizens United does not believe he did, according to the Bucks County Register and End Citizens United. The latter, a non-profit group dedicated to campaign finance reform and getting big money out of politics, does not believe Trump can live up to this campaign promise. They believe he needs to reform the way in which political campaigns are financed.

End Citizens United formed after a controversial decision decided that parts of the McCain-Feingold act were unconstitutional. The parts struck down by the justices were the parts that limited the amount of money people could donate. In the same decision, the court also struck down parts of the bill that prevented television stations from airing content critical of candidates within a certain period before the election.

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The organization has recently announced its support for Senator Elizabeth Warren. Although the organization favors Democratic candidates, it will offer its support to any politician who supports reforming the current campaign finance laws. The organization believes that the current laws allow people with larger amounts of money to have greater freedom of speech. It has supported John McCain, a former presidential candidate and the senator from Arizona.

Politicians organized the swamp, as the currant occupant of the white house calls it, the way they liked it long before Trump arrived on the political scene. The millions of dollars the former real estate mogul can spend on his campaign puts him out of touch with the average voter. Further fillings his cabinet with billionaires has not alleviated the problem. It has only exacerbated it.

United States voters often feel confused by the president’s actions, and they do not believe he has any intention of actually draining the swamp unless he intends to replace it with something even worse. If President Trump supported campaign finance reform, End Citizens United believes he would start fulfilling his campaign promise. If he does manage to start on this goal, perhaps he can work on the wall he wants to build.

Alexandre Gama Protects The Brazilian Culture

Alexandre Gama has a name that has become iconic in the global advertising industry after he found himself honored at many of the world’s leading film festivals.

Gama has built a career that has seen him achieve success in many of the world’s leading advertizing markets from his native Brazil to London and beyond. After starting his career with the respected Standard & Ogilvy advertising agency in the 1980s, Alexandre Gama has formed his own ad agency, Neogama and now sits on the global board of the Publicis Groupe.

The career of Alexandre Gama has seen him allowed the time, in recent years, to develop his outside interests, which include a dedication to protecting the Brazilian culture the Rio de Janeiro born executive believes is being threatened by the modern culture. A Brazilian acoustic guitar enthusiast, Gama founded the VIOLAB organization in 2014 as he attempted to assist in the preservation of classical Brazilian guitar playing.

Under the direction of Alexandre Gama a recording studio, record label, and YouTube channel have all been created under the VIOLAB banner to provide an outlet for instrumental guitar based musicians. One of the major fears of Alexandre Gama is the dying out of classical Brazilian guitar playing techniques as young people are not being exposed to these methods of guitar playing; the development of the VIOLAB YouTube channel has been focused on providing tutorials and lessons for young people to use to enhance their own skills as guitarists.

Talos Energy in a Surprising Turn of Events

A surprising turn of events has happened in the Mexican oil industry. Ever since 1938, the Mexican oil industry has been nationalized, meaning that it has been closed off to foreign investors and that the government-run company, Petroleos Mexicanos, monopolized it. However, in recent years, the oil industry was not doing as well in Mexico. As a result, in 2015, Mexico opened up it’s industry to private investors. Three companies from various parts of the world, Talos Energy, Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Plc jumped at the opportunity and won bids to drill. As of May 21st, 2017, drilling has started, and it is expected to take about 90 days, at a cost of $16 million. The drilling is being done in the Sureste Basin, off of the coast of the state of Tabasco. There is a “high geological chance of success” with this project, considering the fact that the basin is formed in the ideal way.

Talos Energy LLC is one of the companies that has started drilling in the Sureste Basin. In fact, Talos Energy LLC was the first foreign company to do business in the Mexican oil industry since 1938, setting a record. Talos Energy is based in Houston, Texas, in the United States of America.

In February of 2013, Talos Energy acquired a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions for $620 million. Talos Energy is currently looking to buy more companies so that it can add personnel and grow. The subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions that Talos Energy bought was called Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc.

Talos Energy is associated with Riverstone Holdings LLC. In February of 2012, Riverstone Holdings LLC committed up to about $600 million of equity to Talos Energy. Talos Energy is also associated with Apollo Global Management, LLC. Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings back Talos Energy.

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Keeping Drugs Away from Inmates Using Securus Technologies

I work as a corrections officer in a jail where violence has been on the rise. On any given day, I don’t know if I am going to be the next victim of these brutal attacks, so I need to go to work focused and committed to cleaning up the problem. My team of officers does have a few resources that we use to try and clean up our prison, but one came from the most unlikely of sources.


To control violence in prison, getting drugs and weapons out of the hands of the inmates is crucial. The inmates only have a few ways in order to be in contact with the outside, so closing down those access points is key. We always have a huge police presence at the visitor center because that is the easiest way to get anything illegal from the outside. Even with searches and warnings, the problem never goes away.


It wasn’t until we were trained to use the LBS software on the new inmate call monitoring system installed by Securus Technologies that we saw progress. These inmates used to talk at will on the phones, and officers could easily lose ground trying to listen to all the conversations. The software does the work of many officers, and now we can even listen for specific chatter to help in our case to clean up this problem.


This month, we heard one call about an inmate begging his family to smuggle drugs to him on visiting day. One call revealed the hiding place of a large amount of heroin the inmates were selling. We even were able to detect a call where the inmates were openly talking about using drugs inside the cell when the lights were out. We can not send a team to addresses these concerns as they happen.


Karl Heideck Describes Civil Litigation Attorney Jobs

Karl Heideck began his blog post article on litigation attorneys by describing in what cases they are utilized. Litigation attorneys can handle cases for real estate companies, corporations and individuals seeking compensation for damages. The bulk of the cases handled by litigation attorneys are civil cases. This is one one party sues another party for damages.

Mr. Karl Heideck says that the vast majority of litigation instigated by litigation attorneys are settled out of court. About 90% of cases, says Karl Heideck do not go to trial. Real estate, corporate and personal injury cases often end in a settlement. This is when one party pays the other for damages or compensation. In a criminal litigation, the litigation attorneys will often request and accept a plea bargain. This will often be a reduced or limited sentence.

A civil litigator will most frequently be working for a law firm that has a bunch of attorneys working for them. After getting some experience at a law firm, a litigation lawyer may decide to start up his own practice. Additionally, there are law firms that only specialize in ligation. They can be furthermore broken down into litigation area specialties such as personal injury litigation, corporate malpractice, real estate litigation and criminal litigation.

Karl Heideck also points out in his article that some litigators work in the public sector. District attorneys or DAs are litigation attorneys that can work on the county level. US. district attorneys and other criminal government prosecutors are additional examples of litigation lawyers that work in the public sphere. Mr. Heideck also points out that some major corporations in the financial and insurance industry may actually have their own litigation departments.

Karl Heideck is a litigation lawyer that is located in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. He provides litigation services to the greater Philadelphia area. In addition to providing litigation, Karl Heideck can provide employment proceedings, product liability, corporate law, management advising and compliance consulting service.

Mr. Heideck has worked at the law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP. He also worked at Conrad O’Brien as a law firm associate. Presently Karl Heideck works as a hire counsel attorney on a case by case basis.

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Honey Birdette Launches New York Themed Lingerie Attire

The Man of Many online magazine has recently reported that Honey Birdette has launched a new line of lingerie. The new line incorporates a New York City theme and marketing message. Honey Birdette has created a brief one minute video to highlight its newly released intimate apparel for women. The video features models showcasing Honey Birdette’s latest line in New York City.

You can watch the video on Man of Many magazine. There you will see models wearing some of the New York City themed lingerie in New York City cabs, on New York skyscrapers and in a general photo shoot. New York City is often associated with luxury and high fashion and Honey Birdette’s latest release does not disappoint. It is upscale, unique and is good enough for even the most discerning New York socialite. Pictures of the photo shoot with the New York City lingerie line is also available for viewing on Man of Many magazine.

A lot of the new intimate New York branded apparel from Honey Birdette is black and dark colored. There are some pieces that are red and white. Many of them feature delicate patterns such as a floral design. Some of the pieces are more revealing than others, but all of them are definitely intimate apparel for the bedroom and not for casual wear.

Honey Birdette is an upscale boutique lingerie design and retail company. It was created in 2006 by founder and designer Eloise Monaghan. Honey Birdette’s Honey HQ or corporate headquarters is located in the city of Alexandria in New South Wales, Australia. Its online fulfillment center is also located in Australia in the city of Regents Park.

After having over 60 boutique stores in Australia, Honey Birdette has expanded into the United Kingdom with the opening of several boutique stores there. The firm is planning to expand into other European countries in the future. A presence in the United States is also possible after Honey Birdette saw strong sales growth in online sales from US customers.

Paul Mampilly Newsletter Hits Important Milestone

The famed investor Paul Mampilly produces a newsletter for investors Profits Unlimited. And he has just recently hit the 60,000 subscriber mark, an industry milestone.

That makes Profits Unlimited one of the fastest-growing newsletters in the financial field.

Paul Mampilly spent over 20 years as a hedge fund manager. And he is famous for winning the prestigious award from the Templeton Foundation in 2009, the year of the Great Financial Crisis. Despite the crisis, and without shorting stocks, he turned $50 million into $88 million. That’s a 76% gain at a time when most investors feared losing their life savings and when Wall Street itself was in the worst turmoil since the Great Depression after the collapse of all five of its powerhouse investment banks.

While a hedge fund manager, Mampilly worked with such clients as Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank and ING.

He started out with his newsletter just last year, with the publisher Banyan Hill Publishing. Every month subscribers receive an 8-page newsletter advising them of another stock poised for major profits. And every week he updates his readers on one or two of the stocks in his model portfolio.

Mampilly now works with Capuchin Consulting to offer unique and highly profitable investment ideas to professional investors. With Profits Unlimited, however, he presents great moneymaking opportunities to the ordinary Americans who subscribe to his newsletter.

As an analyst, he covered the health and biotech sectors. He managed portfolios for international banks including Bankers Trust. In 2008 Barron’s named the hedge fund he helped to manage as one of the best in the world.

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