Talos Energy in a Surprising Turn of Events

A surprising turn of events has happened in the Mexican oil industry. Ever since 1938, the Mexican oil industry has been nationalized, meaning that it has been closed off to foreign investors and that the government-run company, Petroleos Mexicanos, monopolized it. However, in recent years, the oil industry was not doing as well in Mexico. As a result, in 2015, Mexico opened up it’s industry to private investors. Three companies from various parts of the world, Talos Energy, Sierra Oil & Gas and Premier Plc jumped at the opportunity and won bids to drill. As of May 21st, 2017, drilling has started, and it is expected to take about 90 days, at a cost of $16 million. The drilling is being done in the Sureste Basin, off of the coast of the state of Tabasco. There is a “high geological chance of success” with this project, considering the fact that the basin is formed in the ideal way.

Talos Energy LLC is one of the companies that has started drilling in the Sureste Basin. In fact, Talos Energy LLC was the first foreign company to do business in the Mexican oil industry since 1938, setting a record. Talos Energy is based in Houston, Texas, in the United States of America.

In February of 2013, Talos Energy acquired a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions for $620 million. Talos Energy is currently looking to buy more companies so that it can add personnel and grow. The subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions that Talos Energy bought was called Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc.

Talos Energy is associated with Riverstone Holdings LLC. In February of 2012, Riverstone Holdings LLC committed up to about $600 million of equity to Talos Energy. Talos Energy is also associated with Apollo Global Management, LLC. Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings back Talos Energy.

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Keeping Drugs Away from Inmates Using Securus Technologies

I work as a corrections officer in a jail where violence has been on the rise. On any given day, I don’t know if I am going to be the next victim of these brutal attacks, so I need to go to work focused and committed to cleaning up the problem. My team of officers does have a few resources that we use to try and clean up our prison, but one came from the most unlikely of sources.


To control violence in prison, getting drugs and weapons out of the hands of the inmates is crucial. The inmates only have a few ways in order to be in contact with the outside, so closing down those access points is key. We always have a huge police presence at the visitor center because that is the easiest way to get anything illegal from the outside. Even with searches and warnings, the problem never goes away.


It wasn’t until we were trained to use the LBS software on the new inmate call monitoring system installed by Securus Technologies that we saw progress. These inmates used to talk at will on the phones, and officers could easily lose ground trying to listen to all the conversations. The software does the work of many officers, and now we can even listen for specific chatter to help in our case to clean up this problem.


This month, we heard one call about an inmate begging his family to smuggle drugs to him on visiting day. One call revealed the hiding place of a large amount of heroin the inmates were selling. We even were able to detect a call where the inmates were openly talking about using drugs inside the cell when the lights were out. We can not send a team to addresses these concerns as they happen.


Karl Heideck Describes Civil Litigation Attorney Jobs

Karl Heideck began his blog post article on litigation attorneys by describing in what cases they are utilized. Litigation attorneys can handle cases for real estate companies, corporations and individuals seeking compensation for damages. The bulk of the cases handled by litigation attorneys are civil cases. This is one one party sues another party for damages.

Mr. Karl Heideck says that the vast majority of litigation instigated by litigation attorneys are settled out of court. About 90% of cases, says Karl Heideck do not go to trial. Real estate, corporate and personal injury cases often end in a settlement. This is when one party pays the other for damages or compensation. In a criminal litigation, the litigation attorneys will often request and accept a plea bargain. This will often be a reduced or limited sentence.

A civil litigator will most frequently be working for a law firm that has a bunch of attorneys working for them. After getting some experience at a law firm, a litigation lawyer may decide to start up his own practice. Additionally, there are law firms that only specialize in ligation. They can be furthermore broken down into litigation area specialties such as personal injury litigation, corporate malpractice, real estate litigation and criminal litigation.

Karl Heideck also points out in his article that some litigators work in the public sector. District attorneys or DAs are litigation attorneys that can work on the county level. US. district attorneys and other criminal government prosecutors are additional examples of litigation lawyers that work in the public sphere. Mr. Heideck also points out that some major corporations in the financial and insurance industry may actually have their own litigation departments.

Karl Heideck is a litigation lawyer that is located in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. He provides litigation services to the greater Philadelphia area. In addition to providing litigation, Karl Heideck can provide employment proceedings, product liability, corporate law, management advising and compliance consulting service.

Mr. Heideck has worked at the law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP. He also worked at Conrad O’Brien as a law firm associate. Presently Karl Heideck works as a hire counsel attorney on a case by case basis.

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Honey Birdette Launches New York Themed Lingerie Attire

The Man of Many online magazine has recently reported that Honey Birdette has launched a new line of lingerie. The new line incorporates a New York City theme and marketing message. Honey Birdette has created a brief one minute video to highlight its newly released intimate apparel for women. The video features models showcasing Honey Birdette’s latest line in New York City.

You can watch the video on Man of Many magazine. There you will see models wearing some of the New York City themed lingerie in New York City cabs, on New York skyscrapers and in a general photo shoot. New York City is often associated with luxury and high fashion and Honey Birdette’s latest release does not disappoint. It is upscale, unique and is good enough for even the most discerning New York socialite. Pictures of the photo shoot with the New York City lingerie line is also available for viewing on Man of Many magazine.

A lot of the new intimate New York branded apparel from Honey Birdette is black and dark colored. There are some pieces that are red and white. Many of them feature delicate patterns such as a floral design. Some of the pieces are more revealing than others, but all of them are definitely intimate apparel for the bedroom and not for casual wear.

Honey Birdette is an upscale boutique lingerie design and retail company. It was created in 2006 by founder and designer Eloise Monaghan. Honey Birdette’s Honey HQ or corporate headquarters is located in the city of Alexandria in New South Wales, Australia. Its online fulfillment center is also located in Australia in the city of Regents Park.

After having over 60 boutique stores in Australia, Honey Birdette has expanded into the United Kingdom with the opening of several boutique stores there. The firm is planning to expand into other European countries in the future. A presence in the United States is also possible after Honey Birdette saw strong sales growth in online sales from US customers.

Paul Mampilly Newsletter Hits Important Milestone

The famed investor Paul Mampilly produces a newsletter for investors Profits Unlimited. And he has just recently hit the 60,000 subscriber mark, an industry milestone.

That makes Profits Unlimited one of the fastest-growing newsletters in the financial field.

Paul Mampilly spent over 20 years as a hedge fund manager. And he is famous for winning the prestigious award from the Templeton Foundation in 2009, the year of the Great Financial Crisis. Despite the crisis, and without shorting stocks, he turned $50 million into $88 million. That’s a 76% gain at a time when most investors feared losing their life savings and when Wall Street itself was in the worst turmoil since the Great Depression after the collapse of all five of its powerhouse investment banks.

While a hedge fund manager, Mampilly worked with such clients as Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank and ING.

He started out with his newsletter just last year, with the publisher Banyan Hill Publishing. Every month subscribers receive an 8-page newsletter advising them of another stock poised for major profits. And every week he updates his readers on one or two of the stocks in his model portfolio.

Mampilly now works with Capuchin Consulting to offer unique and highly profitable investment ideas to professional investors. With Profits Unlimited, however, he presents great moneymaking opportunities to the ordinary Americans who subscribe to his newsletter.

As an analyst, he covered the health and biotech sectors. He managed portfolios for international banks including Bankers Trust. In 2008 Barron’s named the hedge fund he helped to manage as one of the best in the world.

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How OSI Group is determined to dominate the Food Processing Industry.

OSI Group is a multinational business that is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The firm has dedicated itself to offering the best food and beverage products from the time that it was established in 1909. It has been ensuring that its consumers are provided with top-notch processed products. The business has gained acknowledgment from Forbes by being listed as one of the top 100 companies on the planet. The primary commodities that it distributes are vegetable derivatives, hot dogs, fish, bacon, Pizza, and poultry.
The enterprise has grown rapidly over the years, and it has currently employed more than 20,000 individuals. It is under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, who is its CEO. OSI has set up about 60 food processing units in 16 countries. The firm has been making acquisitions that can facilitate its growth. One of the latest businesses that it purchased is Baho Foods, which is a top Dutch company. The firm is well established in Europe, and it will enable OSI Group in growing its market in the continent. The food processing giant also believes that its products portfolio will be bettered by the acquisition. Baho Foods has factories in Netherlands and Germany. They are Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, and Gelderland Frischwaren.

OSI Group also acquired a Chicago-based food processing giant that is known as Tyson Foods. The transaction cost about $7.4 million, and it was meant to assist the firm in solving the varying needs of its customers. The acquired business majored in the manufacture of omelets, crepes, tempura chicken, chicken cordon bleu, and meatballs. OSI Group is an environmentally friendly business. Its efforts were appreciated by the British Safety Council, which offered it the Globe of Honor Award. The honor is devoted to recognizing enterprises that have come up with an exceptional way of controlling environmental pollution.

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Fabletics Takes On The E-Commerce World

Fabletics is a growing company that keeps up with the consumer demands and trends of the active lifestyle; trends that are in high demand. They have both physical stores and online stores that is subscription based. Amazon holds control over 20% of the fashion e-commerce market but Fabletics doesn’t let that stop them. There premise goes by three rules they run their business by: reversing showrooming, data, and consumer trends and culture.


Reverse showrooming is simple. Most consumers that go into a physical Fabletics store are already a member. They can try on clothing and once they do that, the article of clothing goes into their online shopping cart. They can either purchase it in store or online. Other consumers that are not a member, go into the store and leave a member by the time they are done.


Fabletic relies on data to keep up with the trends and demands of today’s active world needs. While they know that the data doesn’t determine their success, they rely on that to stock their physical stores with what consumers want to see. They also handle their digital store in the same manner. This keeps their consumers wanting more and it keeps their attention on the Fabletics brand.


Fabletics is constantly evolving and moving forward into new and exciting areas with their physical stores and e-commerce stores. By keeping up with their growth and the consumer’s needs and their cultures, it pushes the company up in a positive and rewarding manner. They have changed the whole outlook on what is considered high value. Before, high value was determined on price and quality. Now it is determined by customer service, recognition of the brand, and exclusive designs. Fabletics business grows by 35% yearly and it will continue to grow as long as they continue with their current business strategy.


Kate Hudson is the co-founder for the active wear company, Fabletics. Many wonder how she did it. Her celebrity status helped and she saw an opportunity and ran with it. She created an active wear line that all women of any size or age can wear. The inspiration for this line is to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Athleisure apparel is active, casual wear that can be wore to a gym or around town. It is a growing trend that Fabletics is successful with. They offer affordable prices and keep up with the evolving trends that consumer’s demand.

David Giertz: A Financial Advisor You Can Trust

Mr. David L. Giertz, a famous and renowned name in financial industry served as SVP of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution at Life Insurance Company since 2013. David has been President of NFD. Since 2013, David also serves as President, Director and Senior Vice President for numerous other national companies. David Luther Giertz is by profession a financial advisor who employed by Countrywide Investment Services Corporation that based in Dublin, Ohio.

With more than three decades worth of experience and four exams passed, David is no doubt an ideal candidate for your financial needs. Mr. David Giertz registered as a Broker with FINRA (occasionally referred to as a broker-dealer RR or registered rep). The broker is sales personnel who work for brokerage companies. Such firms (broker-dealers) are in a business of selling and buying securities such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds and numerous other products that are somehow related to investment on moneytips.com. Such firms are registered with FINRA and can also engage in the different type of securities transactions on account of its customers or for its personal account.

In an interview on Angel.co, David Giertz talks about a survey that they took from the people who are about to retire and asked a question about where do they see themselves after a decade. And in that survey, they found that most the people told them that their advisor does not talk to them about social security at https://twitter.com/davidgiertz. It is where the gap exists. He strongly recommend financial advisor to speak with their client about social security.

Because in that survey they also found that 4 out of 5 said that they would change advisor if their advisor is not assisting them with social security. David Giertz said that if the financial advisor does not take it seriously, then they will lose the client because social security is up to 40% of their retirement plan, so that means something to them.

UKV PLC Bring The Best Wines To People Around The World

UKV PLC is one of the world’s best known and respected vintners working from their base in the UK, in recent years the number of people with an interest in wine has grown and UKV PLC has been at the forefront of the push to make sure every person has the chance to find the best available wines.

One of the ways UKV PLC has been reaching to people across the world who have an interest in wine is through their impressive social media presence that covers a number of platforms to provide a wide range of information for individuals of all wine experience and budget levels.

The social media presence of UKV PLC covers a wide range of areas, including giving global customers the chance to learn from some of the world’s top vintners who work from a dedicated trading floor for the company; using social media platforms the vintners have looked to bring information on the up and coming trends in wine production, buying, and trends that include some useful information and more off the wall, fun aspects of the wine industry. U.S. customers are given the chance to discover which wines and wineries are providing the best wines that can be found in restaurants across the country, alongside information on what to know when buying wine.

Some of the world’s best known wine producers offer their different options through UKV PLC as the company has become a major part of the wine sales industry across the globe. The Online presence of UKV PLC gives a stunning glimpse into the areas where famous wines have been produced, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne where this small, but dedicated team of wine experts have developed links that benefit their customers with some of the finest wines in the world at a low price.

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George Soros Comments on Trump’s Presidency

George Soros is not a new name to many of the US citizens. George was a Hungarian native born 86 years ago and later became a US citizen after Second World War. In 1947, Soros went to England. During his study at London School of Economics, Soros met philosopher by the name Karl Popper. George Soros developed his philosophy of political regimes based on two pillars. The first one comprises of leaders who looked at interests of the electorates while the second consisted of leaders who manipulated those they were ruling to serve the rulers’ interests.

It is his strong belief and philosophy that has made him famous. Soros believes that the government of the USA is under threat. This is the case with the European Union which is on the verge of breaking down. This is due to the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Politico who has tried to control social media and even the companies themselves. He goes to the extent of spreading misinformation and fake news and even directing electorates on discoverthenetworks.org. Putin’s aim according to Soros is to bring down democracy, and this is how he finally helped Trump win the presidency.

George Soros described Trump as a conman and an imposter who if allowed would be a dictator as Putin. This is because he stands for the opposite of an open government and is used by Putin. Trump’s advisors are very wrong and self-contradicting and say he would fail terribly. Soros believes that the US has strong institutions and he can’t get away with it. Trump’s ideas are also based from his incompetent advisors. According to Soros, Trump never expected to win, and he was concerned mostly with building his name. George Soros has been a critic to Trump and spent millions in Clinton’s campaign and even losing one billion dollars after Trump’s political victory.

Soros has spent a lot in improving the welfare of those in need. In September 2016, he gave out 50 million dollars to help aid the poor in Africa. In 2011, Soros also gave out 20 million dollars to support debating clubs in the world. In 2010, Soros donated 100 million dollars to Human Rights Watch to expand the organization. In 1999, Soros gave out 15 million dollars for a program on medical ethics and money. These are just but a few where George Soros has shown his generous nature globally and his firm belief in the rule of law without fear. That being said, George fights for the democracy and believes that no one is above the law. Soros is determined that Americans will unite and stand against racism on Snopes and separation engineered by Donald Trump.